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PROBLEM: The manufacturer of building decorative elements set the task of selecting a pumping unit for pumping viscous putty in the form of a water-based acrylic dispersion with a capacity of 4.0 m3/h at pressures up to 3 bar, with the possibility of moving around the production site.

SOLUTION: SOLTEC® specialists have developed and manufactured a horizontal single-screw pump unit SOLTEC® BN038L01FZSM of mobile steel 12X18H10T, in a mobile version. To operate the pump on a thick putty, the design additionally provides for a screw feeder and individual positioning of the inlet flange. The pump unit is additionally equipped with a control panel with a frequency converter.

Technical details of screw pumps BN038L01FZSM:

  • Pump type - horizontal single screw pump
  • The material of the flow part is stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т
  • Stator material - SOLTEC® IIR-1348 abrasion resistant rubber
  • Rotor material - stainless steel 12X18N10T
  • Maximum outlet pressure - 6 bar
  • Outlet working pressure - 3 bar
  • Nominal capacity - 4.0 m3/h
  • Rotational speed of the drive shaft - 251 rpm
  • Drive Shaft Seal Type - Serviced Gland
  • Installed power - 2.2 kW
  • Inlet - flange connection of remote control 100 with lateral arrangement
  • Outlet - flange connection DN 65
  • Additional screw feeder
  • Cylindrical reduction gear VARMEC
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