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TASK: Oilfield service company located in the West Siberian region, that provides services for oil producing companies regarding of enhanced oil recovery, has set the task of designing screw pumps for the modernization of hydration plant. According to the customer's initial data, the pumps must provide a capacity of up to 2.1 m3/h at a pressure of 6 bar and be equipped with hydraulic drives. Wherein inlet pressure is 6 bar and outlet pressure shall be 12 bar.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, specialists of SOLTEC ® have designed and manufactured the SOLTEC ® BN031S02FY gerotor pumps, which provide a stable capacity and pressure when pumping multiphase liquids based on oil with polymeric fillers. Pumps provide capacity in the range 0.3-2.1 m3/h and equipped with drives M + S Hydraulic MP50. Inlets and outlets of the pumps have quick-release couplings Camlock for fastening of flexible hoses.

The main characteristics of the screw pump units BN031S02FY

  • Pump type - horizontal single-screw pump
  • The material of the flowing part is AISI 304  stainless steel
  • The material of the screw (rotor) is AISI 304 stainless steel
  • The material of the stator is oil resistant rubber NBR
  • Maximum inlet pressure - up to 6 bar
  • Maximum outlet pressure - up to 12 bar
  • Capacity - dosing from 0.3 to 2.1 m3/h
  • Driver engine type - M+S Hydraulic MP50
  • Speed of drive shaft  rotation - 100-500 rpm
  • Seal type of the drive shaft - single mechanical
  • Input - quick coupler Camlock 1 ¼ "Type A
  • Output - quick-connect Camlock 1 "Type A

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