• **Компания SOLTEC ® Новомосковский Механический Завод производит одновинтовые насосы, а также внедряет современные технологические решения в производственные циклы по всему миру, в сфере повышения эффективности перекачки высоковязких труднотекучих сред с различными осадками и твердыми включениями, мультифазных сред со значительной газовой составляющей.

    Винтовые насосы SOLTEC ® открывают новые производственные возможности, снижает энергозатраты и автоматизирует процессы в нефтегазовой, химической, металлургической, коммунальной, пищевой, фармацевтической, целлюлозно-бумажной отрасли и пр.

    SOLTEC Incorporation
  • Incorporation SOLTEC™ along with Novomoskovsky Mechanical Plant produces Single Screw Progressive Cavity Pumps and implements modern technological solutions in production cycles all over the world that increase the efficiency of pumping high viscous media with various sludges and solids, multiphase media with considerable gas component.

    With using of advanced technologies SOLTEC™ opens new manufacturing capabilities, decreases costs on energy and automate processes in different industries, such as: oil and gas, chemistry, metallurgy, communal field, food, pharmaceutics, pulp and paper etc.

    Duplicate of SOLTEC Incorporation
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More than 30 000 pumps and parts per year worldwide

On the territory of CIS SOLTEC ® company is represented as a modern high - tech production on basis of Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant and a broad service system in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus.

The main marketing strategy of the company means the closeness with the Customers of manufacture and storehouse, the work for Customers in common currency and regulatory environment, tight deadlines of carrying out the projects and equipment transportation, effective service support.

As the high - tech manufacture the Company SOLTEC ® Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant pays a very close attention to the scientific research activity, development of new high technologies.The significant investments in our own design and solutions allows us to strengthen consistently our competitive advantages and positions on the global market.

Customers and business partners of our SOLTEC ® company along with Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant are the main assets all over the world. Their loyalty to our products is our top priority when operating in a competitive environment. A key factor in the relationship with our customers is a deep understanding of the specifics of their business and key tasks.

Our employees are the important factor in the success of the SOLTEC ® company Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant. We encourage their desire for professional development, education, innovative implementations. In turn, the company provides a stable and secure job.

The SOLTEC ® Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant cares particularly about protecting of the environment and renewable energy. Such ideology has a place in all production cycles, in each project and product of our company.

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More than 5,000 customers trust products SOLTEC®

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