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PROBLEM: For the treatment facilities of one of the municipal enterprises, the customer set the task of selecting pumping equipment for feeding thick sludge from sludge compactor to a decanter with a capacity of 1.8 m3/h at 1 bar pressure.

SOLUTION: SOLTEC® specialists have developed, manufactured and supplied a horizontal single-screw pump unit SOLTEC® BN031L01HYBS made of structural carbon steel 20. The pump is additionally provided for the operation of the pump on thick sludge sediment screw feeder and neck for mounting the receiving hopper.

Technical details of screw pumps BN031L01HYBS:

  • Pump type - horizontal single screw pump
  • Flow material - structural steel 20
  • Stator material - SOLTEC® IIR-1348 abrasion resistant rubber
  • Rotor material - stainless steel 12X18N10T
  • Maximum outlet pressure is 12 bar
  • Outlet working pressure - 1 bar
  • Nominal capacity - 1.8 m3/h
  • Rotational speed of the drive shaft - 219 rpm
  • Drive Shaft Seal Type - Single End Seal
  • Installed power - 0.75 kW
  • Entry - the neck for attaching the receiving hopper
  • Outlet - DN 50 flange connection
  • Additional screw feeder
  • Cylindrical reduction gear VARMEC
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