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The SOLTEK MANUFACTURER has launched the production of stators of the D6-3 format for engine solutions based on cement and sand, with a particle size of up to 3 mm. The color of the stator is silver-gray - visualizes its purpose.

The increased wear resistance of the stator ensures reliable, uninterrupted and long-term operation. Made of elastomer with high abrasion resistance over a wide temperature range.

It allows you to build up pressure in the working area of ​​the plaster station. It works with cement-sand, cement-lime, adhesive and self-leveling compounds. The stator resource depends on the following factors: the number of revolutions, the type and quality of the solution, the height and delivery distance, the diameter of the sleeve.

It is used at the Plaster stations PFT G4 / G5, PUTZMEISTER, KALETA, M-tec, Maltech, or other stations with a landing diameter of 90 mm flange.

Stator is already on sale in the construction market. Ask in the shops and plaster centers of your city.

We offer special conditions for dealers. Contact our sales department.

Technical details of stators D6-3:
  • Rubber Hardness - 62 Shore
  • The sleeve sleeve is maintenance free
  • Productivity (at 400 rpm) - 20 lit/min
  • Productivity (at 200 rpm) - 10 lit/min
  • Working pressure - 30 bar
  • Delivery range - up to 50 m
  • The grain size of the mixture (max) - 3 mm
  • Resource - up to 5,000 m², 50t dry mix + water
  • Stator Diameter - 90 mm
  • Stator length - 270 mm
  • Stator Weight - 2.6 kg
  • Stator Number - 001.630.01


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