The basis of any Progressive Cavity Single Screw Pump is a power section which usually consists of a metal rotor (n-start external helix) and a rubber stator (n+1-start internal helix). Rotation of the rotor inside the stator creates sealed cavities that progressively move from suction to discharge side of the pump producing differential pressure.

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The horizontal single-screw pumps with hydraulic drives for the preparation of an industrial emulsion explosives.

Has been made set of horizontal single screw pumps SOLTEC ®, intended for installation into mobile mixing unit on truck platform for preparation of industrial emulsion explosives and conveying it into wells for providing technology of open mining process.

Set of pumps SOLTEC ® consists of two units: BN021S02FY and BN021S04FY. All pumps are equipped with hydraulic drives Danfoss in complete with a sensors of speed rotation of drive shaft. All working parts that have contact with pumped fluid are made of stainless steel 12X18H10T. Stators are made of oil-resistant elastomer NBR.