The basis of any Progressive Cavity Single Screw Pump is a power section which usually consists of a metal rotor (n-start external helix) and a rubber stator (n+1-start internal helix). Rotation of the rotor inside the stator creates sealed cavities that progressively move from suction to discharge side of the pump producing differential pressure.

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For creartion of a new line of production of coolant fluid the specialists of SOLTEC ® Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant designed set of pumps for installation into industrial mixer complex for mixing viscous chemical mass.

For that task has been designed a horizontal single-screw pumps BN021S02FYL.

The pump units have the following specifications:

- Performance is 0.5 cubic meters per hour;

- The maximum output pressure is up to 6 bar;

- The flow parts made of stainless steel 12X18H10T;

- The maximum permissible liquid temperature is up to + 95 ° C.

Also pump units is equipped with heating flow system.

Heating flow part performs multiple functions: maintaining a constant temperature of the product, i.e. preserving liquid at flowable state. As well as in case of crystallization of the product, it provides the ability to heat it directly into the flow channel of the pump unit.