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TASK: A large company that produces raw materials for ceramic production, needed a pump for pumping kaolin pulp with the presence of mechanical impurities. According to the technical specification, kaolin pulp is fed to a filter press; therefore, systems are needed to ensure the safe operation of the pump unit and the press. Productivity of the pump is 26 m3, pressure is 18 bars. The rotor must be stainless steel on request.

SOLUTION:To perform this task, specialists of SOLTEC ® selected and manufactured a horizontal single-screw pump BN090S03HZTD. To ensure stable operation on environments containing abrasive applied omental seal. The pump was equipped with a dry-running protection system and overpressure protection. As well as a control cabinet.

Main characteristics of the screw pump unit BN090S03HZTD:

  • Pump type - horizontal single-screw
  • Flow piece material - Steel 20
  • Rotor material - 12Х18Н10Т
  • Stator material (yoke) - 7-IRP-1348
  • Productivity - 26 m3/hour
  • Outlet pressure up to 18 bar
  • Turns of a power shaft - 232 rpm
  • Inlet / outlet: flange 150
  • Engine power - 30 kW
  • Drive Shaft Seal Type - Serviced Oil Seal
  • The pump is equipped with a VARMEC gearbox
  • Additional functions: protection against dry running, protection against excessive pressure, control cabinet
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