The basis of any Progressive Cavity Single Screw Pump is a power section which usually consists of a metal rotor (n-start external helix) and a rubber stator (n+1-start internal helix). Rotation of the rotor inside the stator creates sealed cavities that progressively move from suction to discharge side of the pump producing differential pressure.

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Under request of one of the leading beverage producers in Kazakhstan has been made single screw pump unit BN038L01FY.

The pump is designed for pumping maltose syrup.

Pump capacity is 0.22 cub. meters per hour.

The maximum permissible fluid temperature is 95 ° C.

The maximum pressure at the outlet of the pump unit is up to 6 bar.

All flow channel parts made of stainless steel 12X18H10T.

The stator of the pump unit is made of NBR food grade elastomer.