The basis of any Progressive Cavity Single Screw Pump is a power section which usually consists of a metal rotor (n-start external helix) and a rubber stator (n+1-start internal helix). Rotation of the rotor inside the stator creates sealed cavities that progressively move from suction to discharge side of the pump producing differential pressure.

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Machine for force feed of high viscous media

SOLTEC ® company Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant realizes successfully the projects over pumping tomato paste with a high concentration of dry solids - up to 35-40 %. Such concentration of the product is characterised by low mobility and sedimentability that leads to paste hang - up in the throat of the pump.

To decide this task SOLTEC ® company Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant has developed the option to the pump as a device of force feed with blades rotating to each other. It allows to move paste mass not allowing it to hang -up above the screw conveyer of the pump and provides the continuous volume of high viscous mass in the its chamber.