SOLTEC is one of the largest European producers of progressive cavity pumps, rotors, stators and other spare parts for single screw pumps of all kinds. The company’s products are widely represented in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Northern Africa.

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Home > Our Projects > Single screw progressing cavity pump unit SOLTEC ® BN063L01HYXV for conveying of drilling mud

TASK: Feed the drilling mud to the centrifuge at the rig for cleaning. The customer asked to design a screw pump unit which has the following parameters: working pressure 2 - 4 bar, capacity in the range from 3 to 20 m3/h. 

The main condition of the customer is the use of the motor-variator as part of the SOLTEC ® pump unit for the possibility of manual adjustment of performance.

SOLUTION: Within mentioned task, specialists of SOLTEС ® have selected and manufactured a horizontal single-screw pump BN063L01HYXV with a capacity ranging from 3 to 20 m3 / h and an operating pressure of 0.1 to 6 bar.

The flowing part of the pump unit is made of materials resistant to drilling muds containing abrasive particles.

The main characteristics of the screw pump unit BN063L01HYXV

  • Pump type - horizontal single-screw pump
  • The material of the flowing part is steel 20 with a protective coating
  • The material of the screw (rotor) is 40X13 thermoprocessed steel
  • The material of the stator is abrasion resistant rubber
  • Maximum outlet pressure - up to 6 bar
  • Capacity - from 3 to 20 m3 / h
  • Seal type of the drive shaft - single mechanical
  • Engine in explosion-proof design - 1ExdIIBT4
  • Belt Variator - VARMEC
  • The pump is mounted on a bаsе plate.