The basis of any Progressive Cavity Single Screw Pump is a power section which usually consists of a metal rotor (n-start external helix) and a rubber stator (n+1-start internal helix). Rotation of the rotor inside the stator creates sealed cavities that progressively move from suction to discharge side of the pump producing differential pressure.

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TASK: Under request one of the major manufacturers of Woodworking Industry, the pump unit should convey the water solution of NH4Cl (20%) with working pressure up to 4 bar and flow rate of up to 0.16 m3 / h.

SOLUTION: SOLTEC specialists calculated and selected the SOLTEC® BN015S02FY horizontal single screw progressing cavity pump, that provides a stable working pressure during dosing of water mixture of ammonium chloride.

Main characteristics of the screw pump BN015S02FY are following:

Material of the flow part is steel AISI 316L.

Maximum outlet pressure is up to 12 bar.

Working pressure at the outlet is 4 bar.

Capacity 0.16 m3 / h.

Sealing of the drive shaft is a single mechanical seal.

Electric motor drive characteristics are 0.55 kW, 380 V, 1500 rpm.

Reducer is a Varmec brand (Italy) that provides a nominal rotor speed of 341 rpm.