• BN Series of Industry Pumps

    SOLTEC ™ Single Screw Eccentric Progressive Cavity Pumps of serie BN are most required in the fields connected with reliable and economic pumping of viscous, polluted, multiphased media, media with different inclusions and considerable gas component.

    • • productive capacity from 0.1 to 200 m3/h
    • • pressure from 4 to 24 bar
    • • various options
    BN - Series of Industry Pumps
  • BV Series of Vertical Pumps

    Single Screw Eccentric Progressing Cavity Pumps of BV series are used for fluids conveying from different containers including buried ones having a significant amount of viscous and abrasive sludge. The pumps are used for pumping out liquid media from lakes, technological spills etc.

    • • productive capacity from 0.1 to 200 m3/h
    • • pressure from 4 to 24 bar
    • • various options
    BV - Series of Vertical Pumps
  • BT series of barrel pumps

    SOLTEC ™ Single Screw Eccentric Progressive Barrel Pumps of BT series are designed for unloading the standard containers: drums and cubic containers  as well other containers with top loading and unloading. At the same time the pumps have different versions and can be used in oil and gas, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    • • productive capacity - 3 m3/h
    • • pressure - up to 4 bar
    • • different length of the input part
    BT - Series of barrel pumps
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Horizontal Progressive Cavity Single Screw Pumps of BN serie present the widest group of SOLTEC ® products which is used in almost all industries. The using of this type of equipment provides reliable and economic work with viscous abrasive liquid substances.

This series of equipment allows the broad range usage of different configurations, additional options and automatic systems that gives the possibility to correspond any requirements and tasks of modern technological processes.

Variants and additional options

Complex of pumping units on a common frame

Used as a separate module and allows the easy installation of several pumps in short period of time.

Pump unit without bearing stand with directly mounted gearmotor

Used at pump units with pressure up to 12 bar. Such type of the design has a compact form, more easy to assemble and maintain.


Pump unit with the bearing stand design

Used at pump units that can create a pressure more than 12 bar and up to 40 bar inclusive.


Pump unit equipped with friction motor-variator

Allows to adjust performance in a wide range without reducing the reliability of operation of the motor.


Pump unit with belt motor-variator

Allows the manual adjustment of the pump by changing the gear ratio between the electric engine and the drive shaft.


Pump unit with hydraulic drive

It can be used in places where is no possibility of electrical supply. Pump has relatively smaller dimensions and high level of explosion proof.


The pump unit with screw feeder and hopper

It is used in case of no possibility for connecting the pipe to the inlet of the pump.


Pump with additional chopper-macerator

The pump is equipped with a device that makes pre-crushing of clots, large hard and soft particles.


Pump with additional pre-disintegration and destruction device

The pump is equipped with a device of pre-destruction and collapse of very viscous and pasty liquids.


Pump unit made of stainless steel

It using for pumping of corrosive active and acidic liquids.


Pump with double mechanical seal accordingly to API 682

Schemes of mechanical seals according to API 682 are used at Oil and Gas Industry when pumping flammable and multiphase liquids.


Pump with heating system of the flow part

It allows to transfer rapidly-solidifying and viscous liquids.


Pump with "Bypass" system that protects against excessive pressure

"Bypass" system allows additional protection of tubes with high pressure from overpressure.


Shortened pump unit variant

If necessary, the size of the pump unit could be reduced by placing the electric motor on the side.


The mobile version with an electric motor

Used in the technological process where is need manual movement of the pump unit between working points, without reference to the place of permanent installation.


Mining pump unit on the skid

Using for pumping of sludges or waste water into the coal mines.


The mobile version with an internal combustion engine

It provides an autonomous and operational work of the pump unit, without reference to the place of installation and placement of the power sources.


Pump with outlet that allows additional CIP washing

Output for CIP washing is designed for automated cleaning and disinfection of the pump unit.


The pump with automation systems

It can be equipped with any different automation systems that allow more efficiently to control operation of the pump unit.


Dosing pump with a friction variator

It allows to pump of highly viscous fluids. The maximal work pressure up to 24 bar. The minimum capacity is 2 letters per hour.

Additional options for SOLTEC ™ Horizontal Single Screw Pumps
Stator replacement at SOLTEC ™ Horizontal Pump of BN series
Rotor replacement at SOLTEC ™ Horizontal Pump of BN series
Mechanical Seal replacement at SOLTEC ™ Horizontal Pump
Gearbox replacement at SOLTEC ™ Horizontal Pump of BN series